Care Instructions

Care of your Handmade Jewelled Browband

Due to the nature of the setting of each of the jewels, if your browband is rubbed against a rough surface, i.e. hay net and/or clothing the prongs may open allowing the jewels to fall out.
We inspect each browband to ensure that all prongs are closed and the jewels secure when they are made.   However should jewels come out they can be replaced using a tweezers or small pliers, the prongs can then be closed. 
If you have lost the jewels or if you would prefer us to repair and/or replace missing jewels we will be more than happy to do this for a nominal fee of return postage.  However if the damage is more than a simple jewel replacement we will provide a quote for the work for your approval and payment prior to commencing any repair.

Washing Instructions for your Handmade Stock and/or Scrunchie

All of our fabrics used for our handmade stocks, middles and scrunchies have been tested and are hand or machine washable on a low setting.

If a Ready Tied Stock please close the Velcro fastening prior to washing.  A lingerie bag is suggested if machine washing, we can provide these at a cost of £1.00 plus P&P if needed.

Your stock should not need ironing; however, if ironing is required a cool setting should be used.