Exclusive to and made by Equi-Jewel by Emily Galtry our Inter-Changeable Stocks are available in all of our gorgeous jacquards and brocades and can be customised with any of our Dupion Satin Colours and the actual Base Stock ("Self") Colour.

Whether you ride more than one horse in different colour schemes, you ride as part of a team and as an individual or you would like to be able to change your "Look" our Inter-Changeable Stocks will save you time and money and will look fantastic.

How does it Work?

Our Inter-Changeable Stocks are ready-tied and secured by adjustable Velcro fastening.  You need a base and a middle to create your initial stock; the middle is on snap fasteners which allows it to be removed and changed for a different colour or fabric.  We have middles in over 50 colours of Dupion Satin and the matching base stock fabric.  They are fully machine or hand washable and should require very little ironing.  When washing we advise that you close the Velcro and if machine washing you use a lingerie bag, this prevents the Velcro snagging the fabric or other washing.   

Having the option to change the middle can give a totally different look but at a fraction of the cost of a new stock.

The way you can wear your Inter-Changeable Stock also allows for personal taste, it can be worn with or without a stock pin; it can be “fluffed” up or “Smoothed” down; it can be lain flat or crossed over.

One Stock numerous different looks

Hair Accessories are available to match all fabrics.