3D Body Scanner

3D Body Scanner

*** Exciting NEWS ***

During lockdown we have been working on ways to allow us to work with you to enable the purchase of our jackets and waistcoats, without the need to make physical contact. 

We are delighted to announce that we have been given the opportunity to work with “Meepl”

Meepl is a 3D body Scanning App that can be used by anyone….

How meepl works

Meepl allows customers to discover their body measurements and create a personalized 3D body profile (personal meepl) easier and faster than ever before.  All that is required is a smartphone or a tablet to get started, utilizing two images of the body, height and gender.

 Contact us for more information or why not have a go at creating your personal “Meepl” on our website www.equi-jewel.co.uk

 We are also introducing several new colours in a machine washable fabric, watch this space for details……

Posted by Tracey Galtry
2nd July 2020

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